• Transform Your Medical Exams & Surveillance Programs…

    …from a compliance-driven approach to a benefit-producing process. WorkCare offer resources designed to help your organization manage compliance while promoting your workplace health and safety goals…

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  • Reduce the Impact of Employee Injuries…

    How you respond to an injury in the “golden hour” heavily influences the outcome with respect to the employee’s recovery, return to work, OSHA recordability, insurance rates and related costs…

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  • Onsite Health & Safety Clinics Positively Impact the Bottom Line…

    Onsite services put our health care professionals directly in touch with your employees on the front line, creating a dynamic environment that produces positive results. Every onsite engagement is a unique reflection of a company's culture; let us design one for your organizations…

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  • Bring Your FMLA/ADA Programs Into Compliance…

    The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other employment-related legislation can be challenging to manage. Our team understands how compliance with these intersecting law can be managed to ensure your peace of mind...

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  • The Right Team, at the Right Time, for the Right Reasons…

    Our physician-owned and operated organization is ready to assist you with your occupational health and safety challenges. WorkCare proudly sustains a 97% client retention rate…

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  • Take Control of Your Absence & Disability Programs

    Few, if any, occupational health, safety and wellness providers posses the depth, experience, professional acumen, checks and balances, and good old-fashioned common sense that drives the WorkCare approach.

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Defining Occupational Health Best Practices

WorkCare is the largest physician-owned and operated occupational health care organization in the nation. Our wrap-around service delivery model has set the standard for occupational health best practices since 1984.

With a growing footprint, WorkCare is responsible for the health and safety of more than 750,000 employees in 50 states and abroad. Our broad geographic outreach includes contracts with more than 3,500 clinics. Our certified occupational health clinicians and experienced administrators work together to ensure legal and regulatory compliance and continuity of care. At WorkCare, we all work toward a common goal: the health and safety of your organization’s most valuable asset – your employees.

Peter P. Greaney, MD

Irene Grace, MD, MPH

Dennis W. Stephens, MD

John Paul M. Longphre, MD, MPH

Patrick D. O’Callahan, MD, MPH

Peter Swann, MD, MPH

Healthy Workforce = Healthy Company

Founded by Peter Greaney, M.D., a board-certified occupational medicine physician,  more than 30 years ago, WorkCare has become the leader in occupational health care delivery and administration. The company provides services to some of the world’s most prominent corporations and proudly sustains a 97% client retention rate.

Let’s Talk!

WorkCare provides services to all types of companies, from large multi-national corporations to boutique firms… all with the same mission: effective care, better outcomes, regulatory compliance and significant savings. Call our Business Development Department at 800.455.6155 for an introduction and confidential review.

Incident Intervention®

WorkCare’s Incident Intervention® telephonic response for 24/7 injury management saves the average employer $2,000 per incident. More than 70% of injury management calls remain at the first aid level, providing appropriate, timely treatment and reducing the number of OSHA recordables. Learn More.

Medical Exams & Surveillance

WorkCare’s Comprehensive Medical Exam and Surveillance Program is the prototype for best practices. The program can be adpated to any workplace or setting to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations and industry standards. Learn More.


Whether it’s for one employee or thousands, our TravelCare® program protects the health and safety of your business travelers no matter where they go. TravelCare® is customizable and scalable. Learn More.

Onsite Clinical Services

Our onsite programs provide direct access to qualified physicians and other clinicians. Employers find onsite programs help reduce absenteeism, disability and other controllable costs while improving employee retention and job satisfaction. Learn More.

Family & Medical Leave Act Americans with Disabilities Act

Few employment laws cause more headaches for a company than the FMLA and the ADA. Regulatory compliance, documentation and state/federal alignment are critical to applying the rules and guidelines fairly for all employees. Otherwise, your company could be at risk for litigation or millions of dollars in penalties.  Learn More.

Physician Consulting

The backbone of WorkCare’s dynamic and proactive approach to occupational health is our clinical team, including our founding physicians, associate medical directors, nurses and physician assistants - all certified in occupational health.

Decrease in costs

"WorkCare’s exceptional worker health and safety programs have made a huge difference in our disability and leave expenses. With their guidance we have cut both costs and time off. We could not be more pleased with the level of service and expertise that has been given to us by WorkCare."

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