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Be Your Best Self! – New from WorkCare

  • Published
  • 21 October 2022
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Be Your Best Self! is WorkCare’s new educational tip sheet for employers and employees. You can find it here.

Be Your Best Self! will be published monthly in digital formats for email re-distribution by employers to their employees and as a single-page flyer that can be printed and posted onsite.

The first edition on knee protection will be followed by tips on overhead work and horizontal reaching, musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) risk reduction, why it’s essential to cool down after strenuous activity – and much more.

We want everyone to have access to helpful tips from our deep bench of Industrial Injury Prevention Specialists, who have training in sports medicine, musculoskeletal assessment, ergonomics, occupational health and safety, and wellness education.

Industrial Athlete Program

WorkCare’s Industrial Athlete Program features total worker health solutions for peak performance. We know our approach works because the employees our specialists coach feel the difference. Here’s one example from a 63-year-old service rep lead who has worked for the same utility company for 40 years:

“Our industrial athlete trainer (from WorkCare) has done more for my pain management and quality of life than any doctor ever. While doctors want to prescribe meds that mask pain and have dangerous side-effects, the injury prevention specialist deals with the cause and prevention of pain. I’ve learned a lot from him, and my pain is less because of him. He also is available when we get new guys with awkward techniques. He will come by and explain ergonomics and power zones. I use these when working on my property and have benefited from his lessons. He keeps me going. This is the best program for long-term life quality benefits. I’m very grateful.”

When we help employees take good care of themselves, they are more productive, ready to help others and able to enjoy better quality of life. Onsite and virtual consultations provided by our Industrial Athlete Program team include:

  • Coaching to prevent injuries on the job
  • Support to help relieve physical discomfort
  • Ergonomic assessments and recommended adjustments
  • Education on topics such as nutrition, hydration, stress and fatigue
  • Instructions for warm-up, cool-down and stretching
  • Consulting on exposure risk reduction and safe work practices

Our specialists are caring people who understand regulatory constraints and how to relate to workers in all types of settings. They use a comprehensive approach that takes into consideration each individual’s job tasks, fitness level, body type, age and health status to produce positive results. The quote from the utility service representative says it all; here are some outcomes from Industrial Athlete Program clients to back him up:

  • 93 percent of employees with discomfort report decreased pain after one visit
  • 92 percent of MSDs resolve with first-aid interventions and self-care
  • 79 percent of work-related sprains and strains resolve in less than 14 days

To learn more, contact our business development team at and provide your email for timely updates.