WorkCare Receives ISNetworld “A” Rating

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  • 13 January 2022
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WorkCare has been awarded an “A” Rating by ISNetworld®.  Industrial Compliance & Safety (ISN) is a global leader in contractor and supplier information management. ISNetworld is a third-party system that verifies contractors’ safety, procurement, regulatory and quality data. “A” is the highest rating that can be awarded.

WorkCare undertook the challenge using a multi-disciplinary team approach in response to requests from employers who require contractors to have an ISNetworld rating. The complex application process includes answering hundreds of questions in a compliance questionnaire, completing and submitting multiple forms, and fulfilling a requirement to develop an industry-specific safety program.

The ISNetworld rating system is a highly regarded seal of approval that contractors must have to win the business of certain industry-leading companies. ISN has helped enterprises proactively reduce risk by qualifying and monitoring contractors to promote safe and sustainable operations throughout the supply chain for more than 20 years.