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Justin Gauser

  • Published
  • 26 September 2022

Justin was promoted to his current position in June 2022. He joined WorkCare in March 2021 as Director, Entertainment Services. In that role, he oversaw our COVID-19 Compliance Officer program, where he was instrumental in achieving operational improvements and high client satisfaction scores. He was promoted to Vice President, COVID Operations, in January 2022, with responsibility for expanding COVID-related services, providing support for nationwide entertainment productions, delivering virtual and onsite proctored testing, launching a corporate daily testing program, and in April 2022, transitioning COVID screening from the Incident Intervention Program to the COVID department. His position as Incident Intervention Vice President includes continued responsibility for COVID Operations. Prior to joining WorkCare, Justin worked in the entertainment industry managing commercial, music video, TV show and movie productions, which allowed him to fine-tune his ability to manage client and employee expectations.