Who We Are

WorkCare is an occupational health, wellness and absence management company. We help employers protect and promote employee health to improve quality of life and business results.

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Our Ecosystem


We support employees across the care continuum

Our integrated service lines eliminate gaps – from primary prevention and wellness, to early intervention, to absence management and return to work.


Injury & Illness Prevention

We promote prevention and safe work so employees can be productive and enjoy quality of life throughout their careers


Early Intervention

We encourage prompt reporting and early intervention – optimally within an hour of injury onset or work-related physical discomfort


Absence & Return to Work

Our clinicians help employers manage absence, assess fitness for return to work and provide guidance for safe work during recovery


Regulatory Compliance

Our occupational clinicians and industry subject matter experts consult on EH&S regulations and laws that impact business operations


Health Education

We approach every encounter as an opportunity to provide wellness education and coaching


Best Medical Practices

Our physicians practice evidence-based medicine based on existing workplace conditions and employees’ specific needs across the continuum of care – from hire to retire


We apply best medical practices to deliver innovative, cost-effective positive outcomes.
health management solutions that comply with industry standards and produce

Latest Developments

We’re always adding to our library of educational resources and sharing information about our innovative employee health management solutions. Visit us often!

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Our Clients

We collaborate with industries of all sizes and types, from Fortune 10 companies, to independently owned and operated enterprises, to governmental entities. We welcome the opportunity to tell you about our experience with them!

  • Manufacturing
  • Food
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas
  • Transportation
  • Project Management
  • Technology
  • Aerospace
  • Energy
  • Construction
  • Retail/Wholesale

“The WorkCare team brings integrity to our program and has taken it to the next level. WorkCare is much more than a staffing-only model.”

Manufacturing Manufacturing Read Story

“From a single telehealth triage site (little acorn) to an established onsite presence at multiple U.S. locations in the aerospace industry (mighty oak).”

Aerospace Aerospace Facilities Read Story

“There are physical and mental health benefits associated with empowering employees to make informed decisions about their own care in the event of a non-serious injury.”

Food Casual Restaurant Chain Read Story

“One of our very first clients…
still with us today.”

Project Management Complex Project Management Read Story

“Thousands of employees doing physically strenuous and mentally demanding work depend on WorkCare to help keep them healthy, safe and on the job.”

Oil and Gas Petrochemical Construction Site Read Story

"We deeply appreciate the opportunity to support the commitment of one of our largest clients to employee health and well-being."

Manufacturing Major Wholesale Read Story

"In addition to managing potential exposures to a range of hazardous substances, we have developed specialized programs for employees with allergies or asthma, which are two conditions associated with work absence."

Energy Renewable Energy Read Story

"Through mergers and acquisitions, WorkCare continues to maintain strong ties with the company to ensure employee health is protected while working abroad."

Construction Engineering Read Story

"We collaborate on injury prevention and management solutions across the care continuum with our innovative utility partners."

Energy Utilities Read Story

"When frozen water pipes shut down the onsite clinic, WorkCare’s staff helped move operations to a temporary location, continued to perform regulatory exams and drug screens on schedule, and provided injury care during clinic cleanup and renovation."

Mining Mining Read Story

"Your medical clinic is an exciting project that has had material impact to the health and safety of our employees."

Aerospace industry executive
Manufacturing Manufacturing Read Story

"We review qualifications and audit the performance of clinic providers in the U.S. and abroad who provide medical services to our client’s employees to ensure they receive quality care."

Construction Construction Products Read Story