Wellness Solutions

Occupational Medicine, Wellness & Behavioral Health for First Responders

Building a Culture of Wellness

Wellness Solutions is a WorkCare company dedicated to protecting and promoting the health and well-being of first responders, including law enforcement officers, firefighters and other public safety professionals. In addition to municipalities and state agencies, Wellness Solutions' clients include corporations, school districts and other governmental entities.

“The Wellness Solutions logo has special meaning behind it. When we designed it in 1997, we focused on four dimensions of wellness, represented by four leaves in the shape of a circle. Since then, we have evolved into focusing on all eight dimensions of wellness, and with WorkCare as our parent company, we are now able to offer clients an even greater depth of occupational medicine, wellness and behavioral health resources. Our fundamental mission has not changed – helping public safety personnel maintain and improve overall well-being so they can enjoy a long and healthy life. We believe Work Matters, Health Counts and Prevention Saves.”

- Lynette Helmer, Founder and Managing Director, Wellness Solutions

Eight Dimensions of Wellness

Wellness Solutions’ holistic approach to employee health and well-being spans the eight dimensions of wellness: financial, intellectual, occupational, social, physical, environmental, spiritual and emotional.

Our goal is for public safety and other front-line professionals to be productive members of their organizations and enjoy optimal quality of life while they are working and when they retire. Additionally, our programs aim to help prevent work-related injuries and lower workers’ compensation claims costs.

Our Services

Wellness Solutions’ team of dedicated wellness and fitness specialists provides onsite support and virtual consultations. Our team includes professionals with expertise in exercise science, nutrition, behavior change, mental health and injury prevention.

  • Health and biometric screenings
  • Nutrition education
  • Well-being challenges/incentives
  • Fitness evaluations
  • Functional movement screenings
  • Work-life balance strategies
  • Medical exams, including 1582 standards
  • Ergonomic assessments
  • Brain health for peak performance
  • Customized exercise programs
  • Onsite physical therapy
  • Mindfulness guidance

We provide:

  • Need assessments based on conditions such as cardiovascular risk, fitness level, functional movement deficiencies, behavioral health and overall health status.*
  • Educational and onsite events such as webinars, workshops, tactical training sessions, cancer and stroke screenings, and sports/physical fitness challenges.
  • Wellness coaching, with one-on-one attention and encouragement to achieve personal and professional goals across all eight wellness dimensions.


  • Incentive programs with meaningful rewards to encourage immediate and long-term employee engagement.
  • Collaboration with public entities and community groups to provide a comprehensive response and related outcomes reporting.

*We recommend advanced blood work and cardiovascular testing, functional movement screenings, and fitness testing for police and fire personnel.

Wellness Hub and Mobile App

Our program features a customizable, online Hub and Mobile App with password-protected access to all of the resources first responders need in one location. Examples of resources include integrated biometric and health assessment data, goal-setting and tracking functions, and mental and behavioral health applications.

Information Management

It’s essential to protect employees’ personal health information. Wellness Solutions’ and WorkCare’s information technology platforms comply with privacy and security provisions of the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). In addition, WorkCare is HITRUST-certified.

Wellness Solutions was founded in 1997 to provide ergonomic assessments and onsite corporate fitness and wellness management programs to Hewlett Packard and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. We developed our passion for supporting first responders in 2000 when we implemented a wellness program for the Anaheim Police Department in Southern California. When the department lost not one but two of its Chiefs to heart attacks, the growing need for interventions that address health risks threatening first responders was clearly apparent. Since then, Wellness Solutions has successfully established a loyal client base and is a market leader in the delivery of comprehensive first responder wellness programs.

WorkCare acquired the company on Jan. 1, 2022, with the intention of supporting Wellness Solutions delivery model and further expanding outreach in California and other jurisdictions. The Wellness Solutions team collaborates

with WorkCare clinicians, subject matter experts, operations, information technology and administrative personnel to deliver best-in-class services across the wellness spectrum. As part of WorkCare, Wellness Solutions has retained its professional team, brand identity and commitment to its mission.

“Over the years, we have developed targeted and strategic interventions to improve the well-being of thousands of police and fire personnel. I use my personal experience as an elite athlete to better relate to the tactical athlete populations we serve and provide a multi-dimensional approach to health and wellness.”

– Marci Guzman, Regional Manager, Wellness Solutions

We collect and report outcomes from all onsite activities.

Our program participation rates dramatically exceed national norms because we address all eight wellness dimensions rather than a select few. The return on an investment in our holistic approach may seem difficult to quantify, but opportunities for savings and improved health and wellness outcomes abound.

For example:

  • Studies show an average of $4 to $12 saved for every $1 invested in a comprehensive wellness program.
  • Preventable chronic diseases and untreated mental health conditions collectively cost U.S. employers, employees, their families and society, in general, trillions of dollars a year.
  • As an occupational group, first responders have higher than average risk for hypertension (the “silent killer”), heart attacks, diabetes and premature death when compared to the general population.
  • Early identification of risk factors and disease helps reduce work-related medical, insurance, absence and disability costs – and it saves lives!
  • An observed tendency among first responders to rely on personal resilience and disregard symptoms of stress and trauma such as substance use, anger, withdrawal, depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation cause unnecessary suffering.
  • Employees report better morale, a greater sense of teamwork and increased productivity when they feel all of their wellness needs are supported.

Did you know that 80 percent of health care spending is associated with individual behaviors and preventable conditions?


“The program Wellness Solutions implemented for our department effectively reduced work-related injuries, worker’s compensation claims and lost work time. Thank you, Wellness Solutions, for keeping the Anaheim Police Department healthy.”

- Edgar Hampton, President of Anaheim Police Association

“Our program includes an onsite wellness professional who meets regularly with our personnel on exercise programs, nutrition, brain health and more. The Wellness Solutions app provides our officers with 24/7 access to vital mental health and wellness information. We really appreciate the preventive services Wellness Solutions provides to our staff.”

- Rainier J. Navarro, Chief of Police, Santa Rosa Police Department

“I had a rough year with two debilitating injuries. Before having back surgery for a bulged disk, I worked with Marci at Wellness Solutions to build strength in my core and legs. Thanks to her efforts, I was able to return to full duty in eight weeks rather than do 12 weeks of light duty. When I had a serious foot injury, I worked again with Marci and had another speedy recovery. Marci has great knowledge. She is empathetic, energetic, professional and ALWAYS positive. She provided what I needed – both physically and emotionally.”

- Anaheim Police Officer

“The Wellness Solutions program is fantastic! We are very fortunate to have this partnership that will lead to healthier firefighters – on duty and off.”

- CalFire Officer

“An amazing, educational experience that I intend to make a regular part of my life going forward. Thank you to everyone at Wellness Solutions who helped make this possible.”

- CalFire Firefighter

A full-time, onsite Wellness Coordinator is optimal for large agencies. The coordinator provides consistent access to a professional who supports first responders’ positive lifestyle and behavioral health choices.

To learn more about how WorkCare and Wellness Solutions can support your organization, please contact Lynette Helmer: 760.633.4684 lynette.helmer@workcare.com