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Industrial Athlete Program

Our dedicated, rapidly expanding Industrial Athlete Program team engages with our clients and their employees to help prevent injuries, safely support productivity and cost-effectively promote quality of life – on and off the job.

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Our Approach – Industrial Injury Prevention Specialists

WorkCare’s Industrial Injury Prevention Specialists (IIPS) deliver diverse virtual and onsite solutions in all types of industries. These Specialists help companies:

  • Reduce injury incident rates
  • Deploy ergonomic solutions
  • Engage employees in wellness
  • Improve workplace culture
  • Increase productivity
  • Decrease lost work time
  • Lower workers’ compensation costs
  • Cultivate team collaboration

You Spoke – We Listened

Our Industrial Injury Prevention Specialists impact employees’ lives to resolve common workplace concerns. Their skills include:


Injury Prevention

Trained to provide instruction on job-specific warm-ups, compensatory stretching, correct body mechanics and best work practices



Certified as ergonomic assessment specialists qualified to make recommendations on workstations, tools and tasks to fit employees’ needs


Job Analysis

Educated and trained to perform comprehensive functional job analyses and identify exposure risks to inform recommended interventions.


OSHA First Aid

Certified to provide OSHA first aid onsite in collaboration with WorkCare’s 24/7 virtual telehealth triage program for safe work during recovery


Total Worker Health

Adept at engaging workers in the practice of healthy behaviors at work and at home for better quality of life and to reduce medical costs without compromising care

Our Results – Value Through Investment in People

Industrial Athlete Program clients experience significant savings because we engage directly with employees to build trust on a personal level. Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are preventable. Our Specialists educate and intervene to help employees combat fatigue, repetition, overexertion and other factors that contribute to the development of these avoidable, potentially costly injuries.



Injury prevention coaching, ergonomic assessment, safety interventions and wellness education for total worker health

Onsite and virtual consultations with WorkCare's Industrial Injury Prevention Specialists


Guidance to relieve discomfort, OSHA first-aid level care, workstation and job modification tips for optimal productivity and quality of life


  • 4:1

    average return on investment in the first year of the program

  • 92%

    of cases remain in self-care and resolve without a clinic visit

  • 38%

    of musculoskeletal cases close the same day

  • 80%

    of musculoskeletal cases are resolved in 14 days or less

  • 89%

    of employees with discomfort report pain relief after injury prevention specialist consultation

  • 30-50%

    decrease in OSHA recordability in the first year after implementing the program on all shifts

Our Consulting – Going Above and Beyond to Attain Business Goals

Our subject matter experts with more than 30 years of collective experience in the field are available to supplement the capabilities of our onsite and virtual Industrial Injury Prevention Specialists. Use the drop-down menu to learn more.

  • Develop ergonomic training materials 
  • Perform video-based task analysis
  • Recommend process and equipment improvements
  • Assess work-hardening and return-to-work programs

  • Produce video ergonomic task analyses
  • Leverage technology to enhance IIPS services
  • Deploy postural sensors with real-time haptic feedback
  • Validate and advise on efficacy of exoskeleton use

  • Thorough investigation into MSD root causes
  • Individual, job-specific and enterprise-wide solutions
  • Specific injury risk reduction recommendations
  • Custom-designed, application-based programs

  • Validate/update functional job descriptions
  • Review modified alternative duty options
  • Plan for job rotation and shift work 
  • Prepare for pre-placement/post-offer testing

  • Nutrition and fitness 
  • Fatigue and sleep management 
  • Stress management 
  • Acclimatizing for extreme conditions

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We’re passionate about helping industrial athletes be the best they can be.
If you feel the same, contact us to learn about becoming a member of our team.

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